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Just an amazing experience from the moment you walk into the clinic to the moment you leave. Very friendly staff. Amazing work. Thankyou to everyone at the NorthHill Dental Team

Daniel Brady

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North Hill Dental Center is a family oriented office that has been offering a full range of dental procedures since 2009. With the new management over the past year, we are proud that our office has become the patients’ dental home. Our modern clinic with the latest devices and equipment are placed to make sure you receive the highest quality of care, with the help of our experienced dentists and clinic staff.

Dental Digital


Dental digital X-rays, also known as digital radio-graphs, have revolutionized the way dentists capture and analyze images of a patient’s teeth, jaws, and oral structures. This technology offers several advantages over traditional film-based X-rays and plays a critical role in modern dentistry. Here’s an overview of dental digital X-rays, their types, and the benefits they provide:

Advantages of Dental Digital X-Rays:

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  1. Reduced Radiation Exposure: Digital X-rays require significantly less radiation than traditional film X-rays, making them a safer option for patients.

  2. Immediate Results: Digital X-ray images are available almost instantly, allowing dentists to diagnose and discuss treatment options with patients in real time.

  3. Enhanced Image Quality: Digital X-rays offer high-resolution images with superior clarity and contrast, making it easier for dentists to detect dental issues, even in their early stages.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: Digital X-rays eliminate the need for chemical processing and film storage, reducing waste and the environmental impact of traditional X-ray methods.

  5. Ease of Storage and Retrieval: Digital X-ray images are stored electronically, eliminating the need for physical film storage and making it easier to retrieve and share patient records.

  6. Image Manipulation: Dentists can manipulate digital X-ray images to enhance visibility, adjust contrast, and zoom in on specific areas for a more detailed analysis. 


Types of Dental Digital X-Rays:

  1. Intraoral X-Rays: These are the most common type of dental X-rays. Intraoral X-rays are taken with the X-ray sensor placed inside the patient’s mouth. They provide detailed images of individual teeth and the surrounding bone. Types of intraoral X-rays include:

    • Bitewing X-Rays: Used to detect cavities between teeth and assess the fit of dental restorations.

    • Periapical X-Rays: Capture images of the entire tooth, from crown to root, and the surrounding bone.

    • Occlusal X-Rays: Provide a broader view of the upper and lower jaw to evaluate the bite and overall dental health.



Extraoral X-Rays: These X-rays capture images outside the mouth and are used to examine larger areas of the skull and jaw. Types        of extraoral X-rays include:

    • Panoramic X-Rays: These provide a panoramic view of the entire mouth, including the teeth, jaws, and sinuses. They are useful for assessing impacted teeth, jaw disorders, and overall dental health.

    • Cephalometric X-Rays: These X-rays focus on the side view of the head to evaluate the relationship between the teeth, jaw, and facial structures. They are commonly used in orthodontics.



3D Cone Beam CT Scans: This advanced imaging technology provides three-dimensional images of the oral and maxillofacial region. It is particularly useful for complex procedures such as dental implant placement, orthodontic planning, and oral surgery.



Benefits of Dental Digital X-Rays:

    1. Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy: Digital X-rays offer clearer and more detailed images, allowing dentists to identify dental issues accurately and plan appropriate treatments.

    2. Lower Radiation Exposure: Patients are exposed to significantly less radiation compared to traditional film X-rays, reducing health risks.

    3. Improved Patient Communication: Dentists can show patients their X-ray images on a computer screen, making it easier to explain diagnoses and treatment options.

    4. Efficient Workflow: Digital X-rays streamline the dental practice’s workflow by eliminating film processing and enabling easy access to patient records.

    5. Archiving and Sharing: Digital X-ray images can be stored electronically for future reference and easily shared with other healthcare providers or specialists when needed.

    6. Environmental Benefits: The elimination of chemical processing and film reduces the environmental impact of dental radiography.

Dental digital X-rays have transformed the field of dentistry by offering safer, faster, and more efficient diagnostic tools. They play a crucial role in preventive care, early diagnosis, and treatment planning, ultimately improving the quality of dental care and patient outcomes.

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At North Hill Dental Center our great philosophy is that dentistry is more than receiving teeth and gum treatments and in fact, it is a holistic approach to healthcare. Our professional team including dentists, hygienists and administrators provide and maintain the best and most personalized dental care available accompanied by  the latest technology and the best dental materials.

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DR.Nasser Jafari


Dr. Nasser Jafari was born and raised in Iran. He graduated in 2002 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Shahid Beheshi University, which is the most well-known faculty of dentistry in Iran.

He became a certified dentist by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada in 2014 and a member of Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. Dr. Jafari has a strong passion for learning, therefore he puts all his effort to keep his knowledge and skills of dentistry up to date by attending various advanced continuing education programs in different cities and countries. He strives for a positive dental experience for all his clients by providing them the very best care and helping them attain beautiful healthy smiles throughout their life. Dental services provided by Dr. Jafari include: Family/Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Implants, Periodontal Surgery, and Orthodontics/Invisalign


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Just a wonderful team. They really know what they’re doing and you feel like family with them

Daniel Luciano

From the first moment to the end, everything was done in a professional style. I really got the results i was looking for.

Emily Gregory

They had the latest devices in their clinic. A very pro and friendly team. 

Jane Mokara

How Often Should I See The Dentist?

Children, teens, and adults should all see the dentist for a regular checkup at least once every six months. Patients who are at a greater risk for oral cancer or gum disease may be required to see the dentist more than just twice a year. Your doctor will help determine how often you should visit the dentist for regular check-ups.

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My Teeth Feel Fine. Do I Still Need To See A Dentist?

Your teeth may feel fine, but it’s still important to see the dentist regularly because problems can exist without you knowing. Your smile’s appearance is important, and your dentist can help keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful. With so many advances in dentistry, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, missing, or misshapen teeth. Today’s dentists offer many treatment choices that can help you smile with confidence

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Why We Love Toronto and Richmondhill:


Its been an honor serving patients from around Ontario, from Toronto to Richmondhill, for years now. The lovely multicultural community in richmondhill is truly what has made richmondhill “RICH” in values. We really enjoy serving Richmondhill and patients coming from other areas in Ontario like Toronto for a couple of reasons, a multicultural community is just one of them. Toronto and Richmondhill have a very positive city vibe from amazing restaurants to fun outdoor and indoor activities. 

  Toronto and its amazing sports vibes for our sports teams are another major reason why we love Toronto. From the Toronto maple leaves to the Toronto blue jays and the amazing Toronto raptors( The champions), we love them all, and we just can’t love any other teams since we grew up with these teams and their legends.

 Toronto and specially Richmondhill, have a variety of restaurants with delicious foods from all countries and cultures that have added to the popularity of Toronto and Richmondhill in Canada. Toronto’s entertainment places like the harbor front, Nathan Philips Square, Eaton Center, Toronto Islands, Niagara Falls, and many more places, it’s why Toronto is our anchor.

 Toronto and Richmondhill have a growing population. Toronto and Richmondill also have a lot of students that come to us for their dental care, and we just love living in a community where we see alot of students, because they are full of energy with a lot of positive vibes and are the future of our community.

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