Keeping dental cost down

Did you know that regular scheduled appointments with your dentist and dental hygienist can save you money in the long run?

Have you said to yourself “well nothing hurts so why should I go to the dentist”?

The answer is simple really the sign of serious pain or discomfort in your teeth means there is something seriously wrong and it has been festering for some time now.

This is a sign that there is tooth decay, also known as a cavity which is so deep inside the tooth it has now reached the nerve of the tooth. And therefore, you are now feeling pain.

The solution in this case is costly and time consuming. If a cavity has reached the nerve of the tooth the tooth is now irreparable with a “simple filling” the treatment necessary to save the tooth is root canal therapy. This means the tooth is necrotic and or dead as there is no blood supply to this particular tooth. The nerve of the tooth MUST BE REMOVED.

The treatment in this case is usually 4 - 2 hour appointments.

1st appointment is usually 2 hours in length to remove the nerve and let the healing begin.

2nd appointment is to place a permanent filling but only after complete healing has taken place and there is NO sign of pain.

What’s next?

What this means the tooth becomes glass like. It is very fragile after root canal therapy and a crown is recommended to be placed over the tooth to keep it from fracturing and or breaking apart.

This involves approximately 2 - 2 hour appointments.

1st is to prep the tooth and take an impression for your specific crown to be made.

The 2nd appointment is to cement the crown in place.

Each treatment is costly and time consuming.

To avoid this, come and see your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis to avoid lengthy and costly dental treatment.

See you soon!!

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